Who are we ?

Who are we ?

AURA Paris, the Paris Region Association for the Use of Renal Replacement Therapy (Association pour l’Utilisation du Rein Artificiel dans la région parisienne)was created on 10 March1967 on the initiative of Professor Hamburger, Mr. Breton, general manager of Paris health insurance offices, and Mr. Damelon, general manager of Paris public hospitals. It is a not-for-profit association regulated by the French Associations Act of 1901 and participates in the public hospital service.

In conformity with its statutes, the aim of the association is to create and operate centers for the treatment of chronic renal failure, while involving itself in the evaluation process of various treatment modes and innovation to better respond to the changing needs of patients.

AURA Paris is today the foremost dialysis association in France.

In the Ile de France region, it manages around fifteen care facilities, mainly dialysis treatment centers.
These facilities provide patients with a comprehensive range of services appropriate for their condition, whatever the stage of the disease.

AURA offers all the treatment modes (hemodialysis center, dialysis unit under medical supervision, self-care and assisted self-care dialysis, home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, training of patients in self-care dialysis and home dialysis).

Moreover, if necessary, patients can be admitted to an AURA hospitalization unit (medical and short stay nephrology units), or referred to partner hospitals with a cooperation agreement with AURA. Around thirty partnership agreements have been signed in the Paris region between AURA and Paris region university hospitals (Bichat, Tenon, Hôpital Pompidou, Necker, Ambroise Paré, Saint Louis, etc.), general public hospitals, private not-for-profit institutions, and private hospitals.

In all, AURA cares for around 1200 patients, i.e. 20% of dialysis patients living in the Ile de France region. The actual number, including residents of the region and short stay patients, is around 1900.

To carry out these activities, AURA has a staff of 410 and an annual operating budget of around 55 million euros.

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