Care management for Home Hemodialysis Patients

AURA plays a major role in the care of home hemodialysis patients in the Ile de France region.

As a pioneer of this technique, AURA defends and promotes patient autonomy.

After learning the techniques in the AURA training center, or other training centers in partner hospitals that have signed a cooperation agreement with AURA, patients continue to be followed-up in their homes by the same medical teams.

Likewise, when their health requires care in a Dialysis Unit under Medical Supervision, a hemodialysis center or in hospital, patients are referred to one of the numerous facilities directly managed by AURA or a partner hospital.

Thus, AURA belongs to a vast care network that provides safe, coordinated and continuous care thanks to the medical, nursing and technical teams that accompany patients throughout all stages of their illness and whatever the developments.

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