Your stay

 In a hospitalization unit

A nurse’s aide will take you to your room, provide information concerning practical aspects of your stay, and give you the AURA welcome booklet.

A nurse will provide further information on the more technical aspects of your stay.

You will be visited by a physician every day who can also provide information to your family at your request.

Please bring all medical documents in your possession.

Hotel services :

  • Meals : throughout your stay, the dietitian will meet with you to note you meal choices while making sure your dietary requirements are observed.
  • The rooms: we have 12 private rooms and 6 two-bed rooms. Each room is equipped with an adjustable height bed, a bedside table, a bathroom (bathroom sink and toilet), and an individual locking cupboard.
  • Television  : a television receiver can be provided. A remote control will be supplied by the admissions office against a deposit. caution.
  • Telephone : a direct line can be opened for you by the admissions office against a deposit.

Visits are authorized every day from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. but children under 15 are not allowed.
Requests for exemptions must be submitted to the medical team for authorization.

If you would like a minister of religion to visit you during your stay, please contact the nursing supervisor.

Valuables – safe deposit box
If you so desire, you can leave your personal papers and valuables in the institution’s safe deposit box.

The admissions office will provide you with hospitalization certificates for your employer, your social security center, complementary health insurance company, and taxi or ambulance company.
You will also need to settle with the admissions office the hotel services and hospitalization costs (third-party payment and daily fixed charge) if your coverage is partial or you have no coverage.

In a dialysis unit

You will see a physician in consultation who will explain organization of your treatment depending on the choice of dialysis technique: hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

A member of the medical or nursing team will show you around the unit, explain how it is organized and introduce you to the various team members: nurses, nurse’s aides, catering staff, the dietitian, the social worker, etc.

You will be given the AURA welcome booklet as well as a renal patient card that includes all the useful information and contact details for the unit.

  • Meals: breakfast, lunch or snack, and dinner are served free of charge in all our units, depending on your session timetable.
  • Television : In all the dialysis rooms, television receivers are at your disposal free of charge.
  • Cloakroom : Patients are provided with a personal locker during their sessions.
  • Business trips and vacations 
    To make travel easier, AURA contacts the center the closest to your destination.
    You can give your trip or vacation dates to the nursing supervisor who will handle the procedure.

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