Advanced techniques for specific patients

Specific hemodialysis techniques can be indicated for patients who, due to their condition, cannot tolerate or poorly tolerate conventional hemodialysis sessions.

  • Acetate-free biofiltration is a hemodialysis session with direct infusion of sodium bicarbonate which avoids the acetate usually present in the dialyzate. This technique is principally used for patients who present side effects caused by acetate, mainly falls in blood pressure during the session.
  • Hemodiafiltration with reinfusion (HFR) is a hemodialysis session during which blood plasma passes through an absorbent cartridge permitting selective filtering of the waste products to be eliminated and the substances to be reinfused. This technique is mainly used for malnourished patients.
  • On-line intermittent hemodiafiltration is a technique that increases the effectiveness of purification without increasing its strength. It is used principally for patients with a large quantity of waste products to eliminate, the most often related to a level of physical or professional activity requiring an increased dietary intake.
  • Daily hemodialysis replaces the 3 weekly sessions, each lasting 4 to 5 hours, with 6 weekly sessions (more precisely 6 or 7) lasting 2 to 2 1/2 hours. It enables patients to have a practically normal diet and eliminates the usually recovery time (fatigue) needed after a hemodialysis session before returning to a normal activity level. It is often more appropriate for a patient with professional and social activities. It does however increase traveling time and is thus particularly suitable for home dialysis.

All of these techniques are available through AURA and its medical team can provide advice on the appropriateness of a specific technique depending on the patient’s history.

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