Follow-up of transplanted patients

Managing the care of patients who have undergone a kidney transplant is one of the activites of AURA physicians.

At the terminal stage of chronic renal failure, a kidney transplant is in theory the alternative to treatment with dialysis, but because of long waiting lists is rarely performed at the appropriate time to avoid recourse to dialysis.

The vast majority of patients will thus be treated beforehand with one of the dialysis methods for months, even years; the quality of dialysis during this period has a major impact on the long-term results of the transplantation, particularly considering cardiovascular, bone and joint involvement.

The dialysis physician, with his thorough knowledge of the patient and his history, is in the best position to take over management of long-term follow-up after transplantation, which includes immunosuppressant treatment and also comprehensive internal medicine care; this usually corresponds to the wishes of patients who have developed a relationship based on trust and mutual affection.

The operation and short-term postoperative care are managed by the various transplantation units in the Ile de France region (AURA dialysis patients can choose their transplantation unit); afterwards patients are referred back to their own nephrologist for long-term surveillance consultations, with most of the complications or intercurrent events being handled by AURA.

Moreover, several AURA physicians continue to provide consultations in the transplantation units where they previously practiced, and participate in unit meetings as well as attending transplantation conferences.

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