The Psychonephrology Unit

Psychonephrology Unit Address
68, Rue des Plantes
75014 Paris

Tel : 01.53.62. 67.29
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Information in French)

Department head :
Professeur D. Cupa

Psychologists :

  • C. Causeret
  • M.L. Gourdon
  • H. Riazuelo

The Psychonephrology Unit is staffed by four clinical psychologists who are psychoanalysts and academics.

The Unit provides consultations and psychotherapy for all patients treated by AURA, their partners, children, etc. This consists first and foremost of listening to the personal and interpersonal difficulties, the psychological pain and suffering of each individual. The psychologists are not there to pass judgment; their role is to provide support and help people to feel better with themselves and with others.

They can thus better understand the various problems encountered, not only concerning their illness but also involving relationships with others, and throughout their life.
To achieve this, the psychologists help them to communicate better, to take more interest in the richness of their inner life.
Talking to a specialist can help to change certain self-conceptions and conceptions of others by finding new meanings for their difficulties, for their life history.
This can result in a different perception of the illness and its context, recovery of a certain level of mental energy, the pleasure gained from thinking and living.

With a better understanding of the physical aspects of the illness with the medical and nursing team, and the psychological impact with a psychologist, the patient’s attitude towards his illness and treatment is modified.

The Psychonephrology Unit clinical psychologists are also at the disposal of the medical and nursing teams to reflect on their practice, and in particular their relationships with patients.

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